HD Retail

Don’t spend more than $10 on an HDMI cable, EVER!

From the people at, the best infographic ever on why you should never buy an HDMI cable at Future Shop or Best Buy, especially Monster cables.

Budget Planner –


Huge technology sale at Jean Coutu this week

In case you need to stock up on tapes to record episodes of Magnum, P.I., Jean Coutu is having a big sale this weekend. Be warned though: There’s a limit of six VHS tapes per customer.

LaserDiscs and 8-Track tapes should be on special this week as well.

Social Networking

Google Buzz: One month later

What a difference a month makes. A day after Google Buzz launched, I posted my initial impressions and included a pic that showed the enormous Buzz chatter in Montreal in the hours after its launch. Well today, one month later, I decided to log on and see what the Buzz was downtown:

Hello, anyone?

Pretty dead, as you can see. Once again, it appears that Google’s algorithm-based methodology has let them down, and now they’ve got to figure out a way to turn Buzz into something people will use regularly. My own Google Buzz feed now seems to consist solely of reposts from people’s linked Twitter accounts. Buzz has the potential to be huge in social media. However, it seems as if Google might be stretching themselves too thin here. They have so many products and services, it seems as if every time they launch a new one it sits in neglect for months before changes and tweaks are made. Except for some privacy changes made a few days after Buzz’ launch, Google hasn’t done much with it.

I still like Buzz, but Twitter’s simplicity and head start are keeping it ahead. Twitter has also always had a problem retaining users, with about 60% of people who sign up abandoning the service within a month. I thought Google’s built-in legion of Gmail users might take up Buzz in a big way, but so far, it’s proven to be more of a nuisance for them.


Motorola Milestone: Full review

The Motorola Droid, and its hard-to-open box. Be careful, one false move and your new phone will pop out and fall on the floor. Luckily, this one landed in my lap.

The Motorola Milestone ($199 on a three-year contract with Telus) is much-needed and welcome competitor in the fight to dethrone the iPhone from its dominant position in Canada’s smartphone wars.

The Milestone is the same phone sold as the Droid south of the border. This naming confusion is symbolic of Motorola’s failure in fighting the iPhone. They are fighting one of the most powerful brands and iconic devices ever, but they make the awful decision to market the Milestone under different names in different markets. It’s a lot harder to build worldwide momentum for your product if you’re trying to sell something called the Droid in the U.S. and the Milestone in Canada and Europe.

Naming issues aside, Motorola has a great product on its hands, mostly thanks to the quickly improving Android OS.


WordPress for Google Android not that bad, says blogger typing on Motorola Milestone

My Motorola Milestone review unit arrived this afternoon, and I’m putting it through rigorous tests as we speak. Android’s WordPress App is pretty solid, although typing with the keyboard is not fun so far.

I’ll have a full Milestone review (Running on the Telus network) at the end of the week.