Pre-ordered an iPad online so that you would get one on launch day? Plan not working out in Canada [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: FedEx drivers will be on the road until midnight tonight delivering iPads in Canada, and FedEx service centres will have extended hours tonight for those wanting to pick up their devices. This has proved to be one giant clusterf*$& for the courier.]

If you’re a Canadian expecting FedEx to deliver your iPad today, good luck. Various sources at FedEx have confirmed to me what Canada is tweeting about right now: The delivery of 80,000 iPads to people across the country has almost brought FedEx’ entire tracking and computerized delivery systems down, resulting in delayed – and possibly cancelled – deliveries.

Twatters come out to tweet about the twontroversy.

For those who chose to buy one in-store today, Future Shop and Best Buy are your best bet. While they were kept from advertising that they would even stock the iPad by Apple, both chains (Which are actually just one chain, both owned by Best Buy) have received iPads. While Apple stores had massive lineups and waiting, the Future Shop in downtown Montreal had about 10 people and tons of stock at opening today.

At least one twitterer says Apple has given him a free accessory to make up for the shipping snafu. So if you’ve been kept from playing with your iPad today, make sure to call up Apple to complain. It seems that in this case, the worm has not gone to the early bird, but to the guy who strolled into Future Shop at 10 AM.

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Reason No. 47 not to buy an extended warranty at Best Buy or Future Shop

The extended warranty has long been a cash cow for retail stores. Charging $80 for an extended warranty on a $300 computer? Sounds like pure profit to me. The contracts at these places are filled with loopholes and clauses that allow them to deny warranty service.

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