Customer Service

Rogers delivering friendly reminder that Quebec is an overtaxed nightmare of a province

Obviously concerned with an impending barrage of customer service calls, Rogers Wireless has started sending out texts reminding customers not to blame them when they get an increased bill in the mail next month. The text even includes a link to the Quebec government’s website! How convenient!

Quebec’s sales tax will rise a full point to 8.5% on January 1st, which may not sound like much, but it’s another dollar a month if your wireless bill is already near the Robert Borden level, or $12 a year. That’s two beers at a bar, or a decent lunch, or an album on iTunes. But most importantly, it’s another reason for cross-border shopping. Come the New Year, buying iPads and laptops will be even more expensive in La Belle Province. Sigh.

Internet Browsers

Quebec government trapped in an alternate universe where Netscape and Internet Explorer are still viable

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I know. I’m aware. You don’t have to point it out. Expecting anything from the Quebec Government Gouvernement du Québec is unreasonable. However, I still had a chuckle when I went online to update my address after a move.