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Note to Apple: This does nothing to alleviate the cult stereotype

If you’re walking along Sainte-Catherine street in downtown Montreal at night, be prepared to be freaked out by a display of Apple retail zombies employees.

They are watching you.

I don’t know what enticed this particular Apple store to put up this display of Mac Zombie cutouts, but it got creepier as I approached the store. A legion of Apple retail employees, frozen, waiting to sell you a MacBook Pro – and possibly eat your brains.

Cult of Apple gathers at window.

As someone who gets accused of “drinking the Apple Kool-Aid” sometimes, despite the fact that I never hesitate to bash bad Apple products (like the TV and virtually every mouse the company has ever made) I can see how this particular display makes Apple look a little cultish.

This time, Apple has gone too far. Or perhaps these are just real employees awaiting the Hale-Bopp comet.

HD Retail

Don’t spend more than $10 on an HDMI cable, EVER!

From the people at, the best infographic ever on why you should never buy an HDMI cable at Future Shop or Best Buy, especially Monster cables.

Budget Planner –

Apple Retail

Quebec’s Videotron takes cues from Microsoft, blatantly copies Apple retail

Videotron's iMac on the display floor and three MacBooks at the cash are all running Windows.
The Videotron store has an iMac on the display floor and three MacBooks at the cash - all running Windows.

I had to go to an Apple store at a suburban mall today to get my iPhone 3GS replaced (The screen was abnormally dark, wreaking havoc on the auto-bright setting) and about 100 metres away a store seemed very familiar…

Large light wood tables? Check.

Metal accents? Check.

Macs? Check.

Knowledgeable staff? Eh, not so much.

That last point was the clue that I wasn’t at another Apple store, but at a new Videotron store! Somebody has beaten Microsoft to the photocopier. More photos and full deets after the break.