Customer Service

Bell Canada: Incompetence or Culture of Evil?

Bell conversation

Dealing with Bell Canada’s customer support, as any Bell client would tell you, is an exercise in frustration. That frustration starts off the moment you call them and realize you need to deal with Emily, a computer who’s job it is to remove any positive vibes you’re feeling by the time you reach a human.

By the way, you can avoid talking to Emily by not talking. Don’t cough, don’t breathe loudly (She’ll think you’re saying something and ask you to repeat it) and just hold the line. Emily will assume you’re 80 years old and on a rotary dial telephone and patch you through to a human.

So today, when calling Bell again to ask why I’m still being charged for a home phone line that was cancelled in April, I had reached my wit’s end. Here’s one question I asked at the height of my frustration.