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Rogers is asking customers about a Facebook phone

Rogers has asked customers via this Ipsos survey about a possible Facebook phone. Click for a better look.

We’ve heard rumours and denials and then more rumours about Facebook developing its own smartphone in recent weeks. So when a friend forwarded me this screen cap of a survey Rogers asked them to fill out, I was more than a little interested. The survey this question appeared in was centered on mobile operating systems, first quizzing customers about what an operating system is before asking them which mobile OS they preferred.

While Rogers used the term “Facebook centric phone,” I think its clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s company wants more control of the mobile future, and won’t be content with simply piggybacking apps onto other smartphones. Even the current contact syncing available on some platforms doesn’t seem to be enough. A true Facebook phone would be able to leverage status updates, wall posts, and the company’s location service, Places, into a veritable advertising machine.

While the last thing in the world I’d want is a Facebook phone, I’m sure there is a very specific group of people who love the idea. Also teenagers.


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One reply on “Rogers is asking customers about a Facebook phone”

I don’t know about this. It has me very concerned when I learn that Facebook continues to look for new ways to share my information and sell me stuff. From the Roger’s screencap, it seems that they’re trying to open the door to using my Facebook profile as a way to use my phone number and call me, in addition to contacting me through the site itself. Worse, this type of phone would probably find me physically using built-in GPS, and plug me into the ill-conceived ‘Places’ automatically. Never mind the dangers of that – which you rightly pointed out – it’s just not okay.

Just because I have put information in my profile does not give Facebook the right to do with it as they please. I know I can probably just increase my privacy protection levels to block this, but enough is enough. Some new features weren’y built it at the start because of technical limitations. It’s because they weren’t good ideas.

Facebook, you’re not a phone company. You’re a social network. Don’t make people regret signing on. Advertise if you just, but leave well enough alone.

Otherwise, look forward to the Facebook implant in 10 years. We’ll hypospray it into your arm. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt…much.

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