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WordPress 2 for iPhone out, says blogger typing blog on WordPress 2

WordPress two is out for the iPhone, adding a much needed comments tab (Hooray!) and an improved user interface. I’m posting this via iPhone for fun. Works quite nicely.

WordPress 2 is still free, but you won’t find it as an update to your current WordPress app. You need to download the separate “WordPress 2” app in the App Store. A bit of a pain, but worth it.

iPhone Media launching iPhone App for $1.99

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at 7.43.10 PM

Late last week, I got to talk with Jean-François Codère of, the website of Le Journal de Montréal’s 253 locked out employees. Just four days after staff was locked out in January by publisher Quebecor, was launched, allowing the journalists to continue reporting while simultaneously showing management where to stick it.

Now the journalists will tackle the mobile web by doing something most media hasn’t had the cojones to do: Charge for their iPhone app.

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What a Bell & Telus iPhone means

If you believe what The Globe & Mail reported earlier this evening, the iPhone is finally headed to Canada’s other two big mobile providers. This comes after the companies worked around the clock and at great cost to launch their new iPhone-capable networks a year ahead of schedule. The urgency at which both Bell and Telus moved to make this possible offers some great insight into the state of the Canadian mobile phone industry. The most important things that this news highlights:


Major League Baseball’s iPhone App makes as much as Orlando Cabrera

Orlando Cabrera WP

Extremely interesting article over at Ad Age about Major League Baseball’s continued expansion into the mobile space. It’s quite incredible that while the NFL stumbles to show a single game online, MLB’s expansion on the internet and in the mobile space has been (for the most part) well done. Not surprisingly, it’s also turning out to be very lucrative for the league.


What Palm should do with the Pre 2

When I reviewed the Palm Pre a few weeks ago, I lauded the device for so doing so much to catch up with the iPhone, but concluded that more needed to be done before it could be considered as serious competition. As we’ve seen time and time again, it simply isn’t good enough to create a product that matches Apple’s current offerings, you need to beat whatever Apple has planned for next year. (Zune, anyone?) So if and when Palm launches a new and improved Pre, here’s what I’m hoping to see.

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What a day for the iPhone: New Facebook app & Yelp easter egg highlight Apple dominance [Video]


As the trending topics on twitter and the posts on Facebook would indicate, you’ve already downloaded Facebook’s new iPhone app. If you haven’t, get a grip and do so immediately. And while you’re at it, download Yelp as well. These two apps are shining examples of why Apple will dominate the smartphone market for years to come.


Palm Pre: Full review

The Palm Pre and its well-designed packaging.

It wasn’t too long ago that Palm was hawking smartphones saddled with Microsoft’s lackluster Windows Mobile or an out-of-date and out-of-touch Palm OS. Actually they still are, with the Centro and Treo still out there, presumably selling dozens of units annually. But let’s put the past in the past, and focus on the Pre, Palm’s sorely needed entry  in a market that’s very iPhone-centric. The phone launches in Canada exclusively on Bell on August 27, but some people who pre-ordered may be getting the device early. Bells says the smartphone will remain an exclusive until at least until the beginning of 2010.

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New York Times iPhone App now serving up accelerometer-loving ads (Updated)

Visa Ad with floating offers
Visa ad with floating offers

If you’re like me and tried reading The New York Times on your iPhone today, you may have noticed a new addition: full-screen ads that react to you tilting the screen. The ad appeared after tapping to read an article on New York’s garment district.

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Nintendo needs to embrace the iPhone


When Nintendo reported its earnings a couple of weeks ago, they finally conceded something I’ve been saying for months: That the iPhone is real competition for its Nintendo DS Lite and DSi. Unfortunately, Nintendo seems to own own up to things about as quickly as John Edwards.