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Google launches stealth attack on dumb web users

Translation: What Browser, dumbass?
Translation: What Browser, dumbass?

Google has launched, a thinly-veiled attempt to get people to figure out that Internet Explorer completely sucks, and use another browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. I fully applaud this effort, as its amazing how many people simply don’t know how important a good web browser is. Millions of hours are wasted thanks to the slow-loading times of bad browsers.

Video (for your folks and grandparents) after the break.

And here’s some man on the street with clueless people, courtesy Google. Spoiler alert: Everyone thinks a browser is a search engine.

I think someone should show this website and video to the Quebec government. What browser do you use? Let me know by commenting.


By eliasmakos

Host of The Elias Makos Show on CJAD 800.

3 replies on “Google launches stealth attack on dumb web users”

Oh, I don’t know that someone would see that an an attack on IE unless they were looking for an attack on IE – hint, nudge, cough, You!, cough, tumbleweed-goes-by… I do think that would be rather informative for my parents though, yes.

Dude, it’s totally made to get people off the dominant IE. People who don’t know what web browser they use are likely IE users. Firefox & Chrome users have generally made a specific decision to stop using IE.

By the way, IE fell again in September , now at 65% share. Woot!

I love Chrome! I can’t stand IE! People should be made aware that they have a choice.

Can’t wait until Google OS comes out.

Is it any wonder that our backwards government is so behind in its technology? Thank goodness we have a savvy computer tech who installed Firefox on our school computers.

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