Huge pricing error on iTunes Canada? Apple selling 6.5GB of classical music for $9.99

111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon for $9.99
111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon for $9.99

Either Apple is really getting into the variable pricing swing of things, or someone made a big booboo on the Canadian iTunes store today… The world’s biggest music seller is currently selling the “111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon” classical music collection for just $9.99, a huge discount from the normal price of $119.99. The 55 album collection includes 730 songs, meaning you’re paying 1.4 cents a song, give or take. And since I still haven’t found a single 69-cent song Apple promised us in April, I think it’s about time we get a deal at the iTunes store.

I’ve always said songs on iTunes, Amazon, or any other download service should cost pennies, not dollars. It would kill a significant chunk of Canadian music piracy overnight. I know this because I just purchased 730 classical songs, and I would have never even bought one of them at 99 cents. Think I’m crazy? Well, think again. The idea of super-cheap downloads has been floated around before, most notably by McGill University professor and legendary producer Sandy Pearlman.

I’m not the only one taking advantage of this: the collection is currently the No. 1 “album” on the iTunes Canada charts. The price hasn’t been corrected for hours – maybe Apple is testing Pearlman’s theory?

Screen shot 2009-10-25 at 12.53.43 AM


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