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WordPress 2 for iPhone out, says blogger typing blog on WordPress 2

WordPress two is out for the iPhone, adding a much needed comments tab (Hooray!) and an improved user interface. I’m posting this via iPhone for fun. Works quite nicely.

WordPress 2 is still free, but you won’t find it as an update to your current WordPress app. You need to download the separate “WordPress 2” app in the App Store. A bit of a pain, but worth it.


Huge pricing error on iTunes Canada? Apple selling 6.5GB of classical music for $9.99

111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon for $9.99
111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon for $9.99

Either Apple is really getting into the variable pricing swing of things, or someone made a big booboo on the Canadian iTunes store today… The world’s biggest music seller is currently selling the “111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon” classical music collection for just $9.99, a huge discount from the normal price of $119.99. The 55 album collection includes 730 songs, meaning you’re paying 1.4 cents a song, give or take. And since I still haven’t found a single 69-cent song Apple promised us in April, I think it’s about time we get a deal at the iTunes store.

I’ve always said songs on iTunes, Amazon, or any other download service should cost pennies, not dollars. It would kill a significant chunk of Canadian music piracy overnight. I know this because I just purchased 730 classical songs, and I would have never even bought one of them at 99 cents. Think I’m crazy? Well, think again. The idea of super-cheap downloads has been floated around before, most notably by McGill University professor and legendary producer Sandy Pearlman.

I’m not the only one taking advantage of this: the collection is currently the No. 1 “album” on the iTunes Canada charts. The price hasn’t been corrected for hours – maybe Apple is testing Pearlman’s theory?

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iPhone Media launching iPhone App for $1.99

Screen shot 2009-10-20 at 7.43.10 PM

Late last week, I got to talk with Jean-François Codère of, the website of Le Journal de Montréal’s 253 locked out employees. Just four days after staff was locked out in January by publisher Quebecor, was launched, allowing the journalists to continue reporting while simultaneously showing management where to stick it.

Now the journalists will tackle the mobile web by doing something most media hasn’t had the cojones to do: Charge for their iPhone app.

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How not to sell a Wii

From the good people at the Home Shopping Network: Reason No. 1 not to buy any cheap plastic add-on accessories for the Nintendo Wii.

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Quebec’s Videotron takes cues from Microsoft, blatantly copies Apple retail

Videotron's iMac on the display floor and three MacBooks at the cash are all running Windows.
The Videotron store has an iMac on the display floor and three MacBooks at the cash - all running Windows.

I had to go to an Apple store at a suburban mall today to get my iPhone 3GS replaced (The screen was abnormally dark, wreaking havoc on the auto-bright setting) and about 100 metres away a store seemed very familiar…

Large light wood tables? Check.

Metal accents? Check.

Macs? Check.

Knowledgeable staff? Eh, not so much.

That last point was the clue that I wasn’t at another Apple store, but at a new Videotron store! Somebody has beaten Microsoft to the photocopier. More photos and full deets after the break.


Amazon Kindle coming to Botswana, Haiti, Myanmar, & 97 other countries [SPOILER ALERT: Not Canada]

Screen shot 2009-10-07 at 12.53.19 AMScreen shot 2009-10-07 at 12.53.02 AM

Have U.S. Dollars? Don’t live in the technological backwater that is Canada? You can now buy an Amazon Kindle! Amazon will finally start shipping an “International” flavour of the device for $279, $20 more than the U.S.-only model.

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Google launches stealth attack on dumb web users

Translation: What Browser, dumbass?
Translation: What Browser, dumbass?

Google has launched, a thinly-veiled attempt to get people to figure out that Internet Explorer completely sucks, and use another browser like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. I fully applaud this effort, as its amazing how many people simply don’t know how important a good web browser is. Millions of hours are wasted thanks to the slow-loading times of bad browsers.

Video (for your folks and grandparents) after the break.

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What a Bell & Telus iPhone means

If you believe what The Globe & Mail reported earlier this evening, the iPhone is finally headed to Canada’s other two big mobile providers. This comes after the companies worked around the clock and at great cost to launch their new iPhone-capable networks a year ahead of schedule. The urgency at which both Bell and Telus moved to make this possible offers some great insight into the state of the Canadian mobile phone industry. The most important things that this news highlights: